On Demand Lifestyle: How Successful Ideas Cater to the 21st Century

It seems like just the other day when I could go outside and walk around the block to see kids playing outside. Kids and life are so innocent at that age. It wasn’t until I got into middle school when things started to change; and when they changed, they changed fast. While in middle school, my brother and I would use our dial-up connection to log into AOL and join chat rooms to talk to people on this new device called the Internet. When Napster was released and change came straight to our doorstep. Napster changed the game of music downloading. Unfortunately, that phenomena didn’t last long.

With the shutting down of Napster, countless amount of copycat companies came out – most of us are familiar with LimeWire where we were able to get movies, music, and TV shows downloaded to our computer. However, back then, I would have to leave my computer downloading overnight to just get one song. Today, I can stream any song I want from a device smaller than my hand in seconds. Times were changing and so was the technology around us.

You had kids with the Nextel, then Sidekicks, then Razor flip phones, and then Blackberrys were the “in” thing. It all changed when Apple came out with the iPhone. Slowly people would convert, and so did the world around us. It felt like when the iPhone 3 came out along with the App Store in 2008, and that’s when everyone really started jumping on the bandwagon. Around this same time, outside of the world of technology, consumerism in general was taking a turn. It felt like Starbucks and egg whites came to the limelight. Our devices may have been changing, but the masses were evolving with it.

It was with the advancement in technology, that we all got that much more interested in health, fitness, eating right, and communicating with each other. It was just so easy. With the App store being released in 2008, everyone slowly jumped on this rocket that was about to take off. It was like the California Gold Rush or Dot Com boom all over again. The next gold mine was the App store, and our lives became more convenient than we ever could imagine.

It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come. Not even 10 years ago we were using dial-up connection, it would take 5 minutes just to log into the web on my giant computer that was plugged into the wall. A while back when returning from Costa Rica on my flight there was a man who was complaining that the aircraft didn’t have Wi-Fi. I could not believe what I was seeing. We have become so spoiled by technology that we forgot where we come from, and it’s only going to advance from here.

We live in a world that expects everything on demand. This On Demand Lifestyle has boosted companies’, like Uber, evaluations to 50 billion. With Uber, if you want someone to come pick you up and take you where you have to go, all you have to do is hop on the app and receive service immediately.. Amazon, within the next 10 years, will shut down so many companies and, in my opinion, will even take down Wal-Mart. Amazon changed it all with Amazon Prime, but operating in select cities, Amazon Prime Now is taking innovation to even greater heights -speeding up delivery time tenfold.

I was with my brother at Brandsmart one Saturday, and he was looking for a juicer. The juicer was about $150. I looked on Amazon Prime to find it for $110. We asked Brandsmart if they price matched, and they said no. I told him to just buy it on Prime and it would deliver by that Monday and he said no. He wanted it now. So I looked on Amazon Prime Now, and it was available. We ordered it, and it got to our house before we did. How can any other business compete? Lower cost and free one-hour delivery.If you are an entrepreneur and you expect your business, service, product, or application to

If you are an entrepreneur and you expect your business, service, product, or application to change the world. Ask yourself if it provides these four benefits.


  1. Bring people serenity

Are you solving a problem? Are you making life easier? After using your product, will your ideal customer feel less stressed by the burden you lifted off of their shoulder? Postmates brings food or groceries from anywhere, so that customers don’t have to leave their homes. Uber offers rides here and now. Instagram offers a sense of escape. Tesla gives the driver an experience of saving the world by choosing electric. How are you bringing peace to your customer?


  1. Bring people joy

Are they going to enjoy using your product or service? At the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy. So, if using your product brings consumers happiness, they will return. This is by far the most important quality your service or product should have. If you don’t bring more joy than your competitor, then consider that customer gone. . It’s called customer service for a reason.


  1. Gives them their time back

People want it here, and they want it now. Food trucks are now restaurants on the road popping into any location. . That saves people the time of having to go to the restaurant, sit down, and wait to be served. I can list the countless amounts of services that save you time. Ideas should start by asking why your customer will recommend your service to a friend. An easy way to help them get their time back is creating a service that can take care of an errand on their to-do list.


  1. Gets them money

Remember time is money. Steps three and four go hand-in-hand. You can always look at your services as a means to create jobs like any of the ride-sharing apps or by providing savings on your services. If that is not the case, don’t forget about all the “models” and “professional trainers” that have made careers because of Instagram. Marketing is still a source of revenue. Social apps can make users money too.


Everything is moving at lightning speed now. And if you look a few years into the future, even what we are doing now will look a bit prehistoric. Jump on the rocket ship now before it leaves you behind! If you miss this wave of opportunity, who knows when the next one is going to be. I always had this thought of eventually running out of original ideas since information is so readily available to everyone. Truth is, opportunity is when timing meets preparation. Opportunity is all around us; but always remember, opportunity changes every day so you must keep your eye trained to find those opportunities around you today.